New to Dorico...How do I create time and key signatures for new project/flow?

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New to Dorico…How do I create time and key signatures for new project/flow?

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Double-click at the start of the first bar or select the rest at the start. I usually do this in Setup mode straight after I have added the players I want.

Press shift-M to open the Meter (time signature) popover. If you want 4/4 time, type 4/4 then press Enter. For 6/8, type 6/8. For Common time, type C. For Cut time, type cut. There are options for other styles of key signature - consult the manual for how to do it.

Press shift-K to open the Key Signature popover. Upper-case letters will give you a major key, lower-case letters will give you a minor key, lower-case b after the first letter will give a flat, # will give a sharp. Examples: D = D major, d = D minor, Bb = B flat major, bb = B flat minor, F# - F sharp major, f# = F sharp minor.

There are also visual ways of doing this - on the right panel, click on the icon that looks like a time signature and then choose one from the list - same with key signature. Here’s the relevant manual page:

Welcome to the forum - the relevant pages in the latest manual (for the 3.5 version) are below:

  • Inputting time signatures with the popover (keyboard-based) or the panel (mouse-based, clicking buttons on the screen)
  • Inputting key signatures with the popover / panel

There should be links at the bottom of each page to other related topics in the manual, including general information about how Dorico handles key and time signatures, and full information about the corresponding popover (what you can enter into it to get different things).

You may also benefit from looking through our First Steps guide, which is aimed at new users and takes you through all the steps necessary to recreate a short piano piece, including adding time and key signatures.