New to Dorico....small question about tuplets

Hello all. I’ve just moved to Dorico Pro after more than ten years of using Sibelius. I’ve had Dorico for couple of days and I’m just trying to get used to how it all works and settle in. Going into this I have just one small thing on my wish list that I would like to able to do.

Ok, it is great that I can have a default setting in the engraving options where tuplets are always shown horizontal and always with brackets. Plus-plus to Dorico! (I also couldn’t help giving a small applause in front of my computer when Dorico effortlessly made a tuplet across a barline. Fantastic!)
Here is my small bonus wish. I would also like to have tuplets always appear above the staff regardless of stem direction even if there are no lyrics. I imagine that this is against the rules but it has always just made the most sense to me. Is it possible to make this a default setting?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Welcome to the forum aaalto.

There’s a global setting at Engraving Options > Tuplets > Placement, but this only applies to vocal staves.

If you wanted to do this quickly for other instruments, the quickest way I can think of is not to worry about during the writing phase, then when you come to tidying up, select one tuplet, type Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A (Select More) a few times, which will select all of the tuplets on that stave, for the whole Flow, then set the Placement property to above. If you have multiple instruments/staves, rather than using Select More it’ll be quicker to Select All, then Edit > Filter > Tuplets, then apply the property.

Thank you for your reply.

I figured it would be the [Select All->Filter->Tuplets] route al-la Sibelius style. Not a huge hassle really. It just might be nice if it could be a default option.