New to DTX Pro and Cubase AI

I am having trouble recording a DTX pro track in Cubase 12AI. What are the basic things I have to do to my module and Cubase to get them to communicate and then record drum track then send it off to a friend as a MIDI file? So far I accidentally recorded a measure but I can not seem to get audio on playback. As you can tell I am totally new to all of this. Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you have recorded MIDI data, you have to route the output of the MIDI track back to your DTX. Then add an Audio Track, select the Input of your Audio Device, where are the audio cables (jacks) from your DTX connects to. Enable record on the Audio track and start recording.

The MIDI data from the MIDI track go to the DTX, which generates the sound and send the audio back to Cubase.

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