New to Elements from AI - Screenshot question

I upgraded to Elements 9.5 after several years using AI 6. I’d like to get the screen as close to the AI screen as possible. I’ve looked around quite a bit and it doesn’t seem I can make the background white. But I’m wondering how I can eliminate to box on the right completely. I want a bigger tracks screen. Also, I want the EQ to always be on the left like it is in AI 6 but I can’t figure out how. Sorry if I’m overlooking something obvious but I didn’t see how to make these changes.

Also, I’d love to know what I’ve gained by going from AI 6 to this Elements 9.5. Has the audio technology changed/improved? Just not sure what I’m getting for my $50 to upgrade.


If you look to the top right of your screen-grab you can see three “buttons” which turn off the left, lower and right panels respectively. Click on the right hand one to close the right panel.

I don’t remember what things looked like in Cubase 6 so not sure exactly what you mean on the EQ question without some more hints (or a screen grab of it) from you. Perhaps select the audio track, select the Inspector Tab in the left hand panel and then click on the Equalisers strip?

And to your final point, I do know that there have been loads of changes since version 6, I’d suggest a bit of time looking at the various Promo videos on YouTube for Elements to show some of them. I don’t think it sounds any different but there’s a lot of new tools and more efficient ways of doing things.

Thank you, planarchist. Really appreciate it!

You can change the colors under preferences>editing