New to Mac = Strange problem (Solved)

Just got an iMac
Everything’s running great (Cubase 7.0.3) but now when I open a plugin like Addictive Drums for example it ends up in a tiny window and when i click on it ,it pops to the right size but darkens the rest of the screen.


What did I do?

did you check you installed the latest available version of AD?

…but this wasn’t happening this morning.

I also had the same problem with another VSTi. After upgrading it to the latest version the problem disappeared.

Another option could be to trash the preferences by holding shift+option+cmd while launching C7…sometimes it solves these crazy things in cubase.

Check you’re not out of memory - CMD+shift, type activity monitor, take a look at memory usage.

the safe mode thing didn’t work (but thanks for letting me know about that for the future)

…I just installed another 8 gig.
I now have 16 gigs in this thing so i’m definately not running out.

HANG ON I think I might have it!

I was getting loads of errors this morning on big projects then realised I was running in 32-bit.

Switching to 64-bit makes these plugins appear in this window.
Is there not any other way Cubase can handle it? it’s kinda annoying.

You’ll get this with a 32-bit VSTi running in 64-bit Cubase. What version of AD are you running?

1.5.1 at the moment.
I don’t really use it much, only for the groove library, i’m more of a Studio Drummer guy.
It’s a bit of a pain ,AD isn’t the only 32bit plugin I have at the moment.
Just found it strange because it didn’t do this on Windows.

AD has a 64-bit version now so just download it and have one less small box on your screen.