New to MPE -- what I draw in is not playing back, but I can hear it while I'm drawing it

As the title says: When I’m drawing in MPE data (edit: as Note Expression data) I can hear it playing live on the instrument as I draw it, but when I play the track back in Cubase I’m not hearing what I drew. Each note is on its own MIDI channel, and the MIDI output of the track itself is set to Any. The instrument itself is working perfectly with MPE because I’m hearing it when I draw data on each note, it’s only on playback that it’s not working.

Probably something obvious, but I can’t find in the manual what I’m doing wrong.


Is the MIDI Channel set to Any?

Hi Martin, yes it is, in the Inspector.


By drawing, do you mean the Note Expression data?

Yes, exactly.

Seems it was a corrupt Preferences file, the first in a long time – all is well!

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