New to Nuendo 5

Hi there,

I’ve recently purchased Nuendo 5 retail version and have completed the registration. Am now trying to figure out what next - am I required to upgrade it to 5.1, and then 5.5 or how does that work? Where do I find all the updates and license codes?

Would appreciate some help… sorry for a dumb question as it is the first time I’m using this site (except I did download cubase trial versions in the past but that’s it)…


You can download and install 5.5 directly. There should be no need to update to 5.1 first.

You can find everything you need once you logged in to MySteinberg (which is not identical with the forum, for some unknown SQL database reason… trouble with the web developers…hehe…). You will find your license codes and all necessary downloads.

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your response. I checked, there aren’t any links to downloads and upgraded in MySteinberg. Am I looking into the right place?

Found it (through a link on the installer CD) :slight_smile:
Looks like there is some issue with activation codes so I can’t upgrade to 5.5 for some time…


and welcome to Nuendo 5!
You can update to 5.5 from any previous Nuendo 5 version. If you have NOT YET received an activation code for Nuendo 5.5, you will get one asap. If you have already received a code, you can enter it within the eLicenser Center and download the Nuendo 5.5 license. It will work (we have fixed some issues).


If I were you, I would get Nuendo 5 to 5.1.1 first - complete with the VideoEngine update.
Then get the 5.5 update happening.
This way, you will have both versions available to you - helpful for project compatibility.


just as an information: Nuendo 5.5 includes all previous video engine updates!