New to recording and cubase -LE5 questions

I just got a tascam audio interface that came with cubase LE5. I am running it on a win7 machine.
I have never done any recording before.
I am a guitar player and have no midi instruments.
I got this setup yesterday and have managed to figure out how to record a few tracks with my guitar so far but have a lot of questions.

  1. How do i add effects? I see effects listed in the “inserts” area and can bring their screens up and activate them but i hear no differences in my tracks…

  2. Where can i get free drum sample loop tracks to use? There dont seem to be any that came with the sw. I found a site where i downloaded over 600 free midi drum tracks… I can open and see them in cubase but dont hear anything when they play… Im assuming you need a midi instrument to play them back with?? Is there a way to use cubase or my windows machine as the midi instrument?? Also is there a way to use my computer keyboard to play drums or piano like you can do with garageband (im told)

  3. How do i take sections of music and repeat them to make a song?? This one must be very basic but i have not figured it out yet… So if i play 4 bars of something and want it to repeat 30x or something… Im told in garageband you just grab it and stretch it, this didnt work…

thanks! Im sure i will have a ton more questions once i get going.

I got the effects working… So scratch question #1!

I will add another question though. How can i change tempo of a track??
I see the temp track editor but dont understand it and cant get it to do anything. I also see tempo in the panel at the bottom but regardless what number i put in there for tempo, it stays the same.

  1. Manual

  2. Google

  3. Manual

From the simple, basic questions it’s apparent you haven’t even opened the manual or done a search here. Those would be the best courses of action for you, you’d learn a lot more things on the way. Going through the tutorial videos on the DVD would also be a good idea.

My apologies, i didnt realize there was a required skill level that questions here must be. I thought simple beginner questions would be allowed too. :unamused: Like i said, i just got it yesterday and have only spent a few hours with it, just trying to get up and running with some basics… printing out the manual now…

after reading the getting started manual (55pages) still dont know the answer to #2 regarding using the pc keyboard to play midi instruments … Seems the answer must be that you cant do that and you must have a midi controller of some sort…

Can’t play via comp keyboard without a 3rd party app, don’t recall the name. Look into Key and Drum Editors as well as virtual keyboard (if your vwersion has it).

My advice wasn’t meant to be flip. :unamused:

When I started with Cubase on LE1, I read all the manuals, read through hundreds of posts in the old forum as well as watching the tutorials. My advice was nothing that I hadn’t done myself and is the best way to get up to speed with the software.

Jeff: This video helped me alot when I first started :wink:

To repeat “Copy” sections

  1. High lite the track
  2. control + D
    repeat as many times as you need

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Midi cord out of keyboard to Midi in of interface.
What kind of Tascam Interface do ya have :question:

Jeff: I don’t believe Cubase Le5 has a “Virtual Keyboard” so
you could use your pc keyboard to play virtual or Midi instruments.
Cubase 6 does. I always used my Roland D-50 keyboard for Drums with Cubase Le4.
Do you have a Hardware Drum Machine :question: You could use the Drum pads in the same manner. :wink:
Try using the Drum Editor in Cubase Le5 to make Drum Patterns. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It does…

It Does – Hmmmmm — My Version of Cubase Le4 Doesn’t.
But Cubase 6 does have A VIRTUAL KEYBOARD. So the “Le” upgrades are
improving a bit, ha :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Hey Man,
There is a virtual keyboard. I got LE5 yesterday as well and, like you, did some recording then wanted to programme some drums. If you right click on waht I think is known as the transport bar (the one with the time code, tempo, markers etc) in it, you will get a display virtual keyboard option. Voila! From there, I added an ‘instrument track’ set up the sample set as rock drum kit and was happily able to tap along with ‘q’ and ‘w’ being my kick and snare drums! You can then quantise and move the dots around, as well as add more, until it is all in time etc. Haard work and time consuming but sounds cool when you’re done!



No VK with LE4.