New to recording. Question

Hello to all. I have a M-Audio FW410 and Windows 7 64bit. I run Nuendo 4.3 with ASIO M-AUDIO. The system works well. No problems. Actually just one: i’m not able to record “what I hear”. Just playing with VLC how can i record the song i hear into nuendo? The input busses are only analog inputs 1 or 2 or the SPDIF. Thanks to all for suggestions

To record System audio, you would likely need to use physical cables to route the outputs of your sound card to the inputs and record that way. This would also depend on the sound card driver being able to work with Nuendo and the system sound at the same time.

Thankyou. Yes, I think I will try adjusting settings on M-Audio and Realtek Integrated Soundcard. Now i hear system sounds through M-Audio but I think I can route the system sounds to the Realtek and then pick up the sound output, from Realtek, physically (cable) and redirect it to M-Audio. I will try and post. Thanksalot. Franz