New to Spectralayers One

I just downloaded Cubase pro 11 not too long ago and don’t know too much about spectral layers one. It’s a smaller version of the pro version I guess so I shouldn’t expect too much…but I watched YouTube videos and still don’t know how to select a frequency region in an audio clip and have me be able to lower the volume only in that selected frequency. I know how to select the frequency and cut them completely away. I only want to select the frequency and keep the upper frequencies and lower the volume of them.
Maybe Spectral layers one doesn’t allow that. Please advise.

The best way to lower gain in a specific frequency range is to use a parametic EQ. Does SL One accept VST plugins? Does Cubase have an integrated para EQ? You’d have to check the program manuals to find out.

Everybody seems to be raving about it so I thought it would cut then put in a different layer and then reduce volume in the new layer…but like I said it’s the basic version I think so I shouldn’t expect it to do what they do on YouTube.

Hello, are you using the attenuation tool? It looks as an eraser. To be honest, I still haven’t used Spectralayers, but I remembered a video using it (the SL One version ) for de-essing. I don’t see that he selects the frequencies, but just uses the attenuation tool over the peaks of affected frequencies. Please watch this at 11:50

The version I have doesn’t have the eraser tool…I think this is the basic one that comes with Cubase 11 pro.

You can see in photo there is no eraser tool…but just fooling around with it as you can see I selected a frequency and used the frequency pencil to draw a line in it, then went over to the layers panel volume control in the new layer and reduced the volume of only that frequency that I selected. I guess that’s how it’s done in this basic version.

Here’s the version info.

Until I know Chris doesn’t have the full version and has started to use the One version just now, since it came with C11. But I don’t know why you don’t have the attenuation button. I will check in my system later.

See-no eraser…this is a comparison chart.

Can I select a frequency section and then lower the volume in that area of frequencies?

I can’t answer you yet. As I said above, I haven’t worked yet with SL. It sounds a reasonable way to go, though, if you found it it possible.

EDIT: maybe if you try downloading again from the Download Assistant, under Cubase Pro 11 (if this is your version). Between the many options, there is a download for SL One application.

Alright now…after watching a Greg Undo YouTube video on Spectral layers one in Cubase Pro 11 it clearly shows how to reduce unwanted frequencies. You do this by selecting either the rectangular or elliptical selection tool and select the area you want then hit the delete key on the computer.

Here you can see a drastic elimination of frequencies (dark area in rectangle).

Highlight or select the area, and then use the Gain function in the menu to lower or raise the selected area.
Or do as already mentioned, cut to a new layer. it can be done in SL 1.