New to steinberg, need advice which to purchase

For years I worked in music and post audio production, primarily with Pro Tools and Logic. Both were great in their own way for the jobs I was doing. Left the industry for the past few years (long story), and am now getting back into it. I’ve also recently switched to a Windows computer, which led me to wanting to do the switch to either Cubase or Nuendo

I could use some advice which would be best suited for me. I’ll be doing the full spectrum of music composition for video, post audio production, along with working with local musicians and such.

Is cubase 10.5 pro well suited for post audio production, or should I invest into Nuendo. Also…is Nuendo good for music production and composing?

Any help is greatly appreciated

if you are doing surround sound, putting sound to video, a lot of dialog recordings, games and so on go Nuendo.

Nuendo has some extras like up to 22.2 surround sound etc. Cubase is great but if you are doing serious post work you will miss a few things