New to UR22MKII

Hi, I’m new to the musical world and don’t really know anything & it dosen’t explain anything in the manuals.
However, yesterday I bough a Steinberg UR22mkII. I’ve downloaded both Steinberg USB device & FW device and also installed it in a correct way, my friends said that a software program isn’t needed for my goals but I installed cubase AL anyways. I basically just wanna learn play guitar to songs on Spotify & youtube I wanna hear my guitar in the computer as I hear the song. As I’m changing the inputs & outputs wich I believe in a correct way and it still doesn’t work. I can see that my sound device receives the sound from my guitar but I cannot hear it. Not in cubase not in FL not at all. I’ve googled & youtubed without any luck, so do I really need a second cable for the line output or is the USB/FW wire enough? What I read it should be, and then again what have I missed that does that I cannot hear the sound of my guitar?
Thanks in advance

Hi Cydroc - Welcome to the Cubase forums! Super exciting, setting up your first recording station!!

Could you please have a list of your equipment, and briefly describe what is connected to what … from the very beginning (Microphone name here is connected to Line 1 of the UR22. The speakers are connected to output YY of the UR22. The computer (?) is connected ….".

With info like that, we may be able to help you better. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as some of the signatures you see around here, but definitely detailed enough to give us an idea.

In the meantime, you can still keep practicing and playing “analog” like the old days!! :laughing: :laughing:

Yes ofc! my computer specs isn’t relevant cause I got 2 computers that I’ve tried on. One MacBook Pro (mid 2012), & 1 windows with i7-core, Geforce 1060 etc… It should be fine on both, at least my windows.

Anyhow, I use the UR22MKII with a single USB-cable - FW connection that came along when I bough it.
I also bough a guitar cable (don’t know the name of it)
So my connections are only those 2.

Input 1 - Guitar cable to my guitar
Input 2 - nothing
headphones - nothing
line output 1 - nothing
line output 2 - nothing
Usb 2.0 - FW-USB to my computer.

The reason why I wanted it on my Mac is that I can play through my computer & have my Mac connected to bluetooth speakers, I suppose that should be possible?

Also I’m only interested in the loopback function, do I need my cubase Al that came along with the device? Since every youtube tutorial and manual I’ve read about the software I’m suppose to click on “Device” inside Cubase wich is a tab that doesn’t exist

Ah, I’m sorry, I don’t use loopback in my UR28M.

It will help the next guy that comes along though if you would specify which Cubase version you are using (for example “AI 9.5”, if that’s what came with your device).

Turning this over to the next guy - good luck!

What are you expecting to hear your recorded guitar on if there’s nothing connected to the UR22’s outputs?
You need either to have monitor speakers or headphones connected to the unit.

Does it look like audio is being recorded (ie: can you see activity on the meters and a waveform after you’ve recorded something)?

Exactly, that’s what I am asking. Do I need something to connect from the output to hear the sound? I though the USB-FW cable could transfer the sound into the computer since I only want the loopback function, but I suppose not.
Yes I can see activity from wave meters inside my sound options

To answer my Own question, I do not need an extra cable even tho I bough one. I figured it out with another software program called loopback audio, now I can hear my guitar in my speakers without connecting it into the UR22mkII Device. So following question, its a major delay from what I am hearing. any tip?