New to UR44 and Cubase what could be dumb questions

Hello and good day… I thank you for your help before hand…

Just installed my UR44… Worked perfectly first go around… But I am a bit confused… Mainly about the license activation and what version of Cubase I am supossed to download.

I did not receive a dongle with my unit. so I installed the steinberg assistant… I chose to download Cubase AI 10… it is in process… Did I download the right version? And can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong or right with the licensing platform… When providing the access codes it never adds anything to the platform… Tells me I need the licensing dongle or etc…

Thank you for your help… Trying to find out before I install cubase ai 10 and not have the right thing going on.


You should be able to enter the activation code into the e-licenser software on a soft e-license for Cubase AI - no dongle required as I recall for that version.