New to VST Connect PRO. Can I do this?

Starting my learning curve.

Using Cubase 10.5 and licenced VST Connect Pro 4 on a Mac Mojave OS.

Have IOS Studio Pass on an iPhone 6.

Can I start a clean Cubase Project with VST Connect then login in to test from Studio Pass?

I understood with the PRO version there is LAN capability so should allow rudimentary test and learning facility.

I need to use LAN facility for connection as both the iPhone wifi and Cubase computer on same internal LAN.

Is this possible if so where do I start as I get an error on iPhone when trying to enter VST Connects generated Studio id.


I’m sure somebody else will step in but Studio Pass hasn’t been updated for many many (many!) years. (2015)…it barely works. I strongly suspect it needs V3 of vst connect.

If you google or search these forums I’m not sure anybody has had this working for many years - I don’t think you are doing anything wrong.

The IOS version of VST Performer is also broken but a fix for that is promised this month…(tick tick tick :slight_smile: )

Studio Pass will be updated as well. Waiting for Apple.

Thanks for those observations.

Managed to get an initial LAN connection with Performer and Connect Pro. No further testing there yet.

One initial observation

Discovered that performer app doesn’t handle plugin scans too well. I have some plugins which use an ILok dongle.
If the dongle not available the plugin scan won’t pass a failed plugin check, it just crashes and has to be restarted.

It does appear to restart scan from the plugin after the missing/crashed/failed plugin but really needs better handling to skip plugins.

Going to interesting exploring capability.


excellent news :slight_smile:

Well, if a plugin crashes, there is nothing we can do about that. Crashed plugs go to a blacklist and will be omitted at the next start.

hi david - I’d be really interested in your observations and experience. The learning curve is fairly steep…although it’s actually very simple an straightforward when you get your head around it.

Probably used the wrong term re crashed plugin as the plugin is not actually in use at the Performer plugin scan point. It was due to missing dongle basically unable to authenticate. I would have thought the scan coding could identify and simply mark and skip without crashing and restarting Performer. That said I suppose there’s not necessarily commonality across plugins in their authentication methods.

Regards the plugin blacklist, is this the same xml file Cubase processing uses?

Is there a list of vst Connect and Performer xml parameter files, their purpose and their default locations anywhere? This would be a boost for my own understanding of the program.


scan makes an entry before calling the plug, if the plug crashes, the entry remains and plug is not loaded anymore subsequently.
It’s not the same file as the Cubase file. On Windows it’s in C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Connect Performer_64.
“list of vst Connect and Performer xml parameter files”…what you mean?