New to Wavelab &Cubase

How do get my tracks from Cubase into wavelab correctly? They appear in the file browser. I open the file and every thing appears as it should, but when I press play…there is no sound. Also,Do I need to have the resolution in Cubase set to 44.100 to be able to burn CD in wavelabs? I cannot seem to be able to even get the basic CD stuff to work…I get an error message.

I am really new at this and I may be just a couple of mouse clicks away from success…but I have been stumped for a week. The manual helps very little. It seems to be written for folks that have experience in this.

Most manuals do not offer much help when trying to find a solution. They just tell how to use a function, but not why or when you are to use it. So if you already know to use ‘this’ function in Wavelab, then go to the manual. But you should be able to find something along the lines of ‘creating a basic CD’. I’m haven’t checked though.
As far as creating a CD, yes, the files have to be in 44.1k and 16bit if you want to play it in your CD player. So make sure you’ve converted them.
To make a ‘Basic CD’, click on the little square box with the + sign at the bottom right, select Basic CD, go to ‘add tracks’ left side, just above your project window; add tracks from your file browser; check for conformity (just below the Write CD tab); then write CD. Hope this helps.