New to WaveLab...I'just want to make an audio CD

I’m not making a music CD, just people talking, and I watch the Steinburg trainings on YouTube, then hunt for the "Basic Audio CD icon to set up my CD…can’t find the darn thing anywhere.

It’s a simple CD, with about 8 tracks…not music in one song, but 8 sections --(don’t know what to call them, as tracks with music are all in the same song, but tracks on a CD you can listen to on a CD player are the next section or the next song…).

I’m sure my problem is simply resolved, but for the life of me, the YouTube tutorials on WaveLab8 and what I can find on my WaveLab8 screen don’t match up! Here’s what I am watching:


If you haven’t resolved this yet, and If you’re using Wavelab Elements, I think you’re right, no Basic Audio CD. I believe you have to make a new 44.1 montage (the big square blue-green-red-orange button just to the upper right of the Master Section), assemble your audio files in the montage and then use the CD button/icon in the very upper right of the montage workspace to open the CD window.

What version of Wavelab are you using?

If you can’t see the Basic Audio CD icon in the icons on the right do the following:

  • make sure you are in the audio file workspace
  • open the Workspace menu and Select ‘Basic Audio CD’ in the ‘Specific tool windows’ sub-menu.

The Basic Audio CD window should open within your workspace.

THANK YOU!!! I’ll be trying this tomorrow!!!

THANK YOU!!! I’ll be trying this tomorrow!!! (I’m using WaveLab LE 8)

Don’t have WL LE8 so cannot help with the details. AFAIK the video you cite above is for WL8 (full version).

you have to go to menu : Global/ and -> CD/DVD …

Just wondered. Can you even burn an Audio CD in Wavelab LE? I’ve just taken a look at the LE manual and there’s no mention of CD burning anywhere that I can find. Or is it Global > CD/DVD as babaorum said.

This thread probably should have gone in the LE section.

Does no one know ??

Know if you can burn an audio CD in Wavelab LE ??

You do not have the “create CD” possibility in Wavelab LE (as far as I know, because I was not able to find it). For me it was the main reason to upgrade to Wavelab Elements. The upgrade price from LE to Elements is not that high, so it was well spend for me.

For me Wavelab Elements is only used as an handy addition to Cubase 8 Pro. You can use an lot of plugins from Cubase Pro in elements (and also Ozone 5 and other 3th-party plugins), so I do not really have an need for the full Wavelab version…

So to answer your question… As far as I know you cannot burn an CD directly from Wavelab LE. You really have to use Wavelab Elements (or higher) for that. At the other hand - you can make an “master” wave file and burn that file with another (free) 3th-party burning program. It is less convienient, but cheaper.

Thank you JClosed.

I cannot find the “basic audio cd icon” using WaveLab LE8. Help!!?

You need to create a montage to burn a CD in WaveLab Elements.