New to wavelab just bought pro 11

Just bought wavelab and stumbling around trying to figure out how it works, so i have a few questions.
Windows 10, 128 gb ram, ryzen 9 3950 (16/32), SSL mx4/alpha-link soundcard.
My system saves a stereo track as seperate left and right wave files, i then set up a montage to imported these files which it does as seperate L/R mono tracks, it will play them together but in the inspector on clips any fx processing is done seperately on each individual side. is there anyway to get clips to treat both L/R as a stereo track so i can process with one stereo version rather than having to use 2 mono’s one for each track ? I know i can fx process them as stereo at the output stage of the inspector, is this the way its done for stereo L/R files like mine ?

Despite having many cores i found the cpu meter overloading and in task manager found the last core was getting hammered whilst the other 31 threads were doing very light duties. I have use multicore cpu ticked and tried changing buffer settings to no avail. I have changed buffer to 256 from 128, but was wondering how asio guard affects this i increased it from 25 to 50 today, but what would be a good setting for this ?. Is there any reason why one core is getting hammered ?

I also have cubase 11 pro but can’t seem to open wavelab from within it, the wavelab tab is greyed out, i do believe that i can export a wave file so it open in wavelab for editing.

Thanx any help appreiciated, Hammy

Have you consulted the WL11 manual?

In the settings there are some options for recognizing dual mono L/R files:

Thanx for the replies i have read some bits of the manual, but been watching some of Justins video’s which were useful to get started on some of the concepts. I am sure i have ticked the opening of dual mono’s, i think ( will check later), does this setting apply to the montages as well ?, as that would be my preferred method of working thanks to the non-destruct.

Thanx hammy

A dual-mono file, aka pair of mono files, must be dropped in one operation to a stereo montage file. In which can a single clip, referencing both mono files, will be created. The clip name reflects this, eg.:

Concerning multi-core, you should not draw any conclusion unless there is an actual problem.

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Thanx PG1 would not open until i added an underscore between the song name and _L and _R, then opened just as you described. Upping audio guard seems to improve cpu meter, the problem was it was overloading when using smooth 2 in ultra mode.


Some plugins “forget” they need to share CPU resources…