[new tool for the Key editor] MIDI warp

Tool in action (GIF)


How I expect this tool to work (roughly speaking)

  1. Before entering the tool, the user must select 3 notes minimum (or any other 3 MIDI events).
  2. When entering the tool, the red vertical lines should appear exactly at the beginning of each selected MIDI event.
    Note: every red vertical line should have a handle, except the first and last one.

Somewhat of a workaround

By creating two macros, you can replicate the action of the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” tool, which is nice.

Resizing a group of MIDI notes (GIF)

resizing group notes is possible

My feature-request would be more helpful than the above two macros… It’s just a thought.



There is already stretch pointer tool in Key editor which is non functional for some reason.
If it just worked we wouldn’t need any other feature added to do this.

Different DAWs have different approach.
Studio One just uses a modifier key
Ableton uses the top bar handle, same with Logic time handles.
AFAIK Cubase is the only one missing this and I would love to see it implemented too.


Thanks! Voted.

This is a feature I believe I have requested for more than ten years already. I so much hope it gets implemented for 12. Or already is in 11? I’ve been using Studio One in the meantime because of the dongle situation with laptops, and am looking forward to returning soon.

I wish to underline that the warp grid is not a viable substitute, I have already used it extensively for other purposes and it works great for those. But for quickly creating different versions of a motif or counterpoint, correcting a moment of shaky improvisation or creating complex timing changes in a drop, the midi stretch is unbeatable, intuitive and fast.

To throw in an idea. How would it work if Cubase had a similar manipulation box for selected notes that the automation lanes have, where you manipulate the selected items with the different hadles? This would allow for greater flexibility than the competition. E.g. creating a gradual speed changes, and manipulating notes in the vertical axis also.

@alin89c Can you give some pointers to how you created your macros?

@ozinga I think Studio One’s version works a bit better and is faster in use than the competition. For example it allows stretching passages that are mixed with other notes. (Not sure if this is possible in Logic) As for the stretch pointer in the key editor, I think someone somewhere said it is for stretching the automation with the notes.



Step 1.

  • If on MAC, in a Finder window hit cmd+option+g and paste the following address:
    ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 11/Presets/Logical Edit/

  • If on Wndows, hit win+r and paste the following address:
    %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\Presets\Logical Edit\

    Note: you need to replace “11” with whatever Cubase version you have.

Step 2. Copy the following files in the folder you navigated to.
Shorten by 1.1 per cent.xml (1.2 KB)
Stretch by 1.1 per cent.xml (1.2 KB)

Step 3. Create two macros like the ones below, then assign each a keyboard shortcut.

Screenshot (macros in Key Editor window)

Stretch Macro

Shorten Macro


P.S. Thank you for the vote.


Thank you, much appreciated!

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+1 for the feature request !

I would add that i hope they would implement it also like the “warp script” in reaper or like in FL studio, where you can compress / expand in a linear way, or an “exponential / logarithmic” one.
( i use it mainly for sound design, but also when dealing with string or horns runs etc… )
( …So bad there’s still not a “export selected event as midi file” function also - another feature request )

See this Reaper script >

or FL Studio :


Flavien, that is a great addition, thanks!

I would like to one up this suggestion. I find it incredible that there is no easy solution to achieve this effect in cubase. Been researching for months on how to create this effect.

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