New TOOLS and Driver For MR816X

I can run down to 32 samples here but Im on OSX here.

I would be looking at the FW connection. What card and that sort of thing. Those numbers dont sound right to me, WAY too high. You can try uninstalling and re installing for giggles

Ok thanks for the reply.

Make sure you’re using a recommended 1394b card. FW400 out of the MR to FW800 port on the pcie card. Also make sure you’ve selected the Legacy Firewire driver. Def do a full uninstall and reinstall of latest drivers etc. I could also get down to 32 samples without any issues on windows 10 x64 1809. I now use my MR units as slaves so sadly cannot offer more input

Thanks guys. I will give that a try. In fact I have two firewire cards installed having recently finally retired my Liquid Mix box. At least one of them is a Texas Instruments card. It’s news to me that I should be using FW800 on the card…need to revisit how to do that. Legacy drivers are already installed. Thanks!

Your PCIe card will need to have a FW800 port and you’ll need a FW400 to FW800 cable to go between it and the MR. Make sure the cable is of good quality.

Fuzzy win 10 64 …why would i need a fw 800 port ? The mr816csx is a fw 400 unit. why would i go from the mr816 into a 1394b fw 800 port? what kind of cable is used for this? with new driver i am experiencing bsod going from mr816 to fw 1394a which is 400??

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