New TOOLS for AXR4T and AXR4U version 2.1.0 for macOS

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the TOOLS for AXR4T and TOOLS for AXR4U for macOS. The version 2.1.0 ensures compatibility with Apple silicon-based Macs.
For detailed information, we ask you to refer to the corresponding release notes and the installation instructions on the download page.

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Stefan Schreiber


Just Installed v2.1.0 on my Intel iMac 2020 previously running v2.0.0 with TB driver 2.13.

Version 2.10 will not open? Is this version meant for only Apple Silicon Macs?


After chasing this up for a while it appears Steinberg/Yamaha have an error in coding on their universal binary dspMixfx v2.1 app in that it does not identify intel Macs correctly so assumes its running on an M1 Mac so fails.

No statement on how long to fix and they have not even recorded the failure on the download website, guess they don’t want to advertise the poor support for Mac Intel AXR4 users or perhaps the population of users/potential users is too insignificant regards sales.

So no 2.1 dspMixfx for Intel Mac AXR4 users.


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Error and Solution
The error was actually in the dspMixFx app itself. At some point in the updates since the app existed the format of the plist name placed in user library preferences by the app when run was changed so instead of overwriting old plist it duplicated it. This duplicate plist file confused the system so program hangs. Solution delete the duplicated files and re-run latest version.


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Does anyone know when the TOOLS for AXR4U and AXR4T will be updated to use new Steinberg licensing system?

The DSP plugins (Advanced FX Suite) in that bundle STILL use the old eLicenser system to authorize to be able to use. I don’t want to install eLicenser CC on my machine if it’s all being phased out.

PLEASE update everything so that it does not rely on eLicenser anymore.

I do appreciate the Yamaha USB driver getting pretty frequent updates but we need the entire TOOLS bundle to be full Apple Silicon ready (zero dependency on Rosetta) and updated to use the new Steinberg licensing system.


I think we’ve run into the same issue. When we run the 2.1.0 app it will create the 2 plist files:
Those 2 file names differ by upper and lower case characters, however the 2 files are not the same in content, or one is not a duplicate of the other. But if either is deleted, they will get re-created by opening the app and/or loading a mixer configuration file, from what I can see. So not clear to me what the duplicate file is that when removed fixes the issue.

Those paths should be:
/Users/<your userid>/Library/Preferences/com.yamaha.dspMixFx.AXR.plist