New TOOLS for UR824, UR28M, UR44 and UR242 for Windows 10

Steinberg has released new updates of the TOOLS for UR824, UR28M, UR44 and UR242 for Windows.
The TOOLS now officially support Windows 10.

Please find the update for UR824 here.

Please find the update for UR28M here.

Please find the update for UR44 here.

Please find the update for UR242 here.

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Stefan Schreiber

How do I know what version of firmware will come with my ur28? It should be delivered today and I’m trying to get a list of how I need to install everything

I am trying to install this on my Lenovo K430 Idea centre with Windows 10 and it continually gives me an error message during install and will not work. any ideas?

Could you please give us some more details? Which UR interface, which driver version and last but not least what error message exactly comes up?

I just installed the latest UR242 tools and drivers for Windows 10. There seems to be a pretty serious problem with the software. The windows is so small, the software is unusable, and unlike almost any other windows program, can’t be resized.
I’ve tried running with a low resolution screen (640 X 480 and others), windows 7 and 8 compatibility mode and nothing helps. The dspMIXfx window is only 2-1/2" X 2-1/2", far to small to see text or use the controls. (see image attached)
Can someone at Steinberg PLEASE help here? There are multiple reports of this problem over several versions of this software, but no help has been given. Thank you
dspMIXfx screen resolution problem.jpg

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Can Steinberg UR824 play only music simultaneously to all 8 output channels?

Jriver Mediacenter22( crossover to 8 channels)- spdif- UR824 - 8 amplifiers - 8 speakers.

When the new tool of UR44 and UR242 will release?

Hi, I just bought the UR242. I have trouble finding this “Steinberg dspMixFx UR242 V1.0.1” where is tool located?
It was not in the “TOOLS for UR242 V1.0.3 · 64-Bit” folder.

Hi, I’ve had a UR824 for a couple of years, but just the other day I got back to it. I tried to record on ProTools using the USB interface, but it turned out that a problem I had long forgotten came back to hunt me: no matter what software recorder I use, the software sees the UR I/O, but it does not talk to it at all - it will not record or reproduce. I remember updating drivers and the works, but I gave up on it long ago because I could not make it work. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Erwin.