NEW: "Touch" featuring vox by Aradia

This new track was a bear to pull together and took longer than any other track I’ve written to get to this point. Far from the chill, loungey goodness of Cold that most seemed to enjoy (thanks again, BTW!), this track is a mix of dark and light, trip-hop meets soundtrack… I’m not even sure how to describe it.

I hope it was worth the effort.

You be the judge:

I’m a fan :smiley:
I think it’s really good, much in your style but with a slightly different mood.
The intro sounded a bit weird at the first listen, but I was prepared for the second time and it sounded better then :wink:

Just 1 thing: the lyrics you put on the site aren’t always correct:

And the poison’s taking / > hold of me > this time


I can feel you breathing / take away my wind

is entirely different, not really sure what the exact lyrics are there.

I’ll probably end up listening to this another 200 times, like I did with Cold :wink:

Thanks so much! It was late last night and I forgot to change the lyrics from the way I wrote them to the on-the-spot changes we made while recording them. I’ll update the site with the correct lyrics shortly :wink:

nice work!

After another 15 or so listens, it’s safe to say this is my favourite song of yours :wink:

Great to hear! Sounds like it was worth the extra effort!

Thoroughly enjoyed. Mix of dark and light, trip hop meets soundtrack, very good description. Congratulations on the recording.

Thanks again!

Yes the song really picks up in the chorus and it was the contrast I was going for. Minor-to-major. Legato to staccato. And then the musical break crashes the verse and chorus together, a theme that returns again in the outro.

Bump. Awesome song!

Thanks! There are some newer songs up there too. And I’m working on a new song… just need Aradia to come in and record some of the vocals. It will be a duet like “Looking”… but with a much harder edge to it. It will be my first production with Ozone 5 Advanced, which I use heavily so it sounds pretty nice.

I like it a lot … do think the chorus key change works great. Congratulations!