New track based on another track (but empty)

Would love to see function to make a new track based on current track. To do this today is a whole bunch of clicks.
There is even a similar function in the mixer (duplicate channel), but not awailable in the project window.

There is a duplicate. Do you mean without the track contents? (MIDI, audio etc)? It’s possible to do a macro that duplicates a track, selects all on the new track and deletes it… and assign that macro to a single key if you need to do this frequently.

I tried but didn’t get it to work.
It’s such a simple thing to implement though. Wish they could ever read these requests.

Done this exact Exercise today during vocal session, doing backing vocal. When all is routeed to a backing bus, and u doble up every voice. The duplicate track is just so messy, try this

  • record 4 part harmony, all voices doubled up left/ right, so 8 tracks so far all neatly panned and bussed into a group
  • then you need to record another 2 voices (4 tracks)
  • highlight track 3 l + 3 r and 4 l + 4 r and chose duplicate to make more tracks.
  • not only do u get the data in those tracks, they show up mingled with the others.

Ideally I would highlight 4 l + 4 r, chose new track based on highlighted track, and have the show up below.
1 click vs the above process where you risk to dele good takes by mistake!

Not too much to ask for?


The macro does work. But this is the sort of ease of use thing that should be in the core… if for no other reason so it can be on a pop-up menu in addition to a key command.

a floating panel or such with macros “buttons” could be handy, categorize them or have favorite macros on them.
but thats another topic ! :bulb: ))