New track based on current track

I find myself frequently duplicating a track just to get the same settings, then deleting the data on it.
Would LOVE a function to make a new track based on another. The new track should be exactly the same as the one above, just without data: wav files or MIDI information.

There are MANY usecases for this, but mainly is that I am recording something new from the same source. Typically it should have the same settings in terms of plugins, routing etc.

:smiley: Saving a preset and opening this, in this case not way to go as routing will not be saved and this route is way to many clicks.

Ideally I would right click, new track based on current

Edit - Macros - Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data

And you can assign a short cut for this as well in File - Key Commands - Macro.

I’ve also set up a macro for if I want to duplicate a track that is record ready, but record onto the duplicated track instead.

(record ready track to be duplicated is selected)
-record (disables record on track to be dup.)
-duplicate track w/o data
-record (enables record for now dup. track).

I’ve got the same macro setup but including ‘back to last position’, and ‘record’ as a separate shortcut.

6 shortcuts down to 1 (not including within deleting all data macro) Makes overdubs super quick.

Thank u guys. Well hidden feature.