New track by StoneWaterGlass. Any idéas?

This is my latest track, its coarse mixed, I want input. I will put on a doubler on the vocals and get a better piano plugin, this is Keyzone, I will buy Grandeur tomorow, I saw a blind-test on youtube and it got 9points, it sounded great. The female voice is made by cloning, its drew barrymore, its low resolution, I will fix that The drums need work .There will be some work with the vocals, I have used GregWell Voice centric just to quick fix it. If you like/dislike the track that would also be nice to hear, thanx!

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That’s… different lol. It’s a rough mix, so I can’t criticise the piano distortion or the distant drums. The piano performance seems a bit hit-and-miss to me, too (it starts good, then drops off). I really like the driving synth and female “aahs”. Got a nice feel to it. Yeah, you obviously need to spend time mixing and bringing everything out, but yeah, I like it as a concept.

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Heh, fun tune probably done tongue in cheek? The piano kind of attacks the senses, too powerful IMHO, maybe.
Reminds me of something, Monty Python?

I like it!