New track is included in all mixer configurations


It gives me a headache for some time, but maybe there is a solution for this:

I have a couple of mixer configurations (FX, groups, etc) and every time I add a new track to the project, that will be added to all the saved mix-configurations. This doesn’t make any sense for me as I’ve saved a configuration with only FX tracks then I add an Audio track to the project and it will be added to the FX tracks configuration automatically. That is silly as a saved configuration should be fixed to how I’ve saved it. So I need to remove the visibility of that track from every configuration and resave/update them. I have 6 different mixer configurations so every time I add a track I need to go through all the configs, remove the new track from those and update them.

Is there any solution for “Don’t add new project tracks to any of the mixer configurations”? That would save me a lot of time for sure.


Although it’s been asked time after time and nothing happened. The visibility agents and configuration are deeply flawed without this option.

It would be better not to add the channel to any config and then you unhide and update the configuration

ahh, so it’s a known UX problem then?