New Track Made Using Cubase 7 - "One Future" (and more)

Hey guys just thought I’d take a sec to link you to a track just put out today. The track is up for free viewing on youtube and is part of a compilation for charity called EDM: Every Day Matters. I worked on this track for about 5 months using Cubase 7 along with vocalist laura Brehm ( and we’re both very excited about the release just out this morning.

link to the track itself can be found here for listening:

More information about the compilation and the cause being supported can be found here:

All sales are being put toward providing clean water, shelter, education, and healthcare. The compilation is being thrown together by some well minded individuals and features about 70 or so other tracks from some really talented people :slight_smile: I’m glad to have contributed.

In other news I have a track I’ve been working on in Cubase for about a year as well, which is still underway. Still have a ways to go for the project but teaser can be found here for viewing:

Both of these projects have been pretty intensive, a lot of work has gone into them but I’m very excited about Theme of Ages next year and the release today as well.

I hope you enjoy :slight_smile: