new track "sweep away" full of arpeggios


i finished a new track some days ago… made with c6 & nexus2

i did play around with different arpeggios…

hope you like it.


Bomi :mrgreen:

Very nice, right down my alley :slight_smile:
I’d class it something like downtempo trance. I have the same issue with my own music sometimes :slight_smile:

If I were to give any criticism, I’d personally like a smooth bass playing 16ths in there, the bottom end seems a bit lacking now, especially considering the genre I just put it in :mrgreen:

thx for your feedback…

i wanted a special bass and played with an arpeggio there too… the result is… lets say it like that… “special” :confused:

thx for following

Beat :nerd:

Nice work, Bomi :sunglasses:

thx, twilightsong

still need to work on the eq’s but need to go through some youtube tutorials first…

the flute’s still hurting a little bit somehow…


Bomi :mrgreen:

Quality track. Loved it!!

thx a lot :slight_smile: i need to work on my “release frequency” spend somuch time with details…

Bomi :nerd:

You’re about 20x faster than me, so no need to worry just yet :wink:

that just means that your perfectionism is geater then mine

Bomi :nerd:

Sounds good, you got some nice sounds in there. :sunglasses:

I agree with Rick’s comment about the lacking bottom end.


I listened to all three tracks you have up here and they all sound pretty good to me. :sunglasses:


i dont understand your comment… what does this mean " lacking bottom end"? thx for futher info, i want to improve my songs


Bomi :nerd:

With bottom end we mean low frequencies. Lacking bottom end = not enough bass :slight_smile:

thx for this…

mixing/mastering ist def. not my strenght… oder listerners told me that the eq of the pan flute is not good, but i dont understand really how to use an equalizer right…

but i try to get some education in this area…


Bomi :nerd:

Exactly. :slight_smile:

This is a great resource for mixing tips:

Good luck,