New track types and other feature requests

Hello, I would like to share a compilation of requests but the main ones here going to be the new track types.

1 - new track type which can allow chaining of VST Instruments and effects (so midi generator->Instrument plugins)
2 - new pattern track type (MIDI) basically a fancy schmancy arpeggiator track or for playing melody loops. This does away with the need to use MIDI to control patterns in various plugins, and the need to use those plugins as well, and not have to use extra routing.
3) drum sequencer track. Same as #2 except for Drums.

This is a evolution for the arpeggio/drum sequencer IMO and would completely replace Beat Designer as it is now as a MIDI Insert, as well as the Arpeggio MIDI inserts.

Other combined Feature Requests

-rewrite VST Instrument Rack to support resizing, re-ordering of slots, the option to hide the Quick Controls
-Chord Pads and Chord track has support for customizable chords
-Chord Pads has support for strumming and arpeggios per-slot
-Mixer Copy+Paste eq settings includes low pass+high pass settings
-Plugin manager overhaul (Plugins now have some space for custom metadata which can also be searched, as well as favorites/star). This overhaul basically adds Plugins themselves into the MediaBay so that they can enjoy the benefit of Metadata.
-tablature has more complete implementation with the Score section and won’t show goofy fingerings
-Pitch shift plugin for transposition of audio
-Midi CC system for creation of vibrato similar to FLStudio (easy vibrato)
-Snap to hit-points in Arranger for scissors and other tools (great for drum editing)
-Expression Maps GUI improvements (can input a map into your track from the left pane for when you have too many maps)
-Add Pan control to the MIDI Modifiers plugin (so that users can select Random as a Pan option)
-on-screen keyboard improvements (pitch+modulation improvements, plus option to use any CC controller) I think the best option would be to allow MIDI Remote Setups to use Mouse and Keyboard mappings as inputs. (Imagine X-Y controller onscreen that outputs MIDI CC to the MIDI Input bus, Key Mappings which play a predetermined Scale, or play a Chord Pad with Keyboard key while messing with other parameters like modulation, expression or fx)
-Cubase backup settings improvements / also address the issue of user VSTpresets, templates and other files that should be shared across multiple Cubase installations, but aren’t.
-MediaBay addition of a dedicated Instrument Browser in the Left-Pane, as well as adding the new filter distinction between plugins and instruments (currently all plugins are the same category).

If anyone wants to hear any more details I would be more than happy to oblige.