New track w/ support from Above & Beyond - Out now on iTunes

What did you think?

  • Loved it!
  • Good, but not my style
  • It was okay
  • None of the above :3

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Exported 180 versions out of Cubase before I had the final one that I sent to the label. :smiley: Got played two weeks in a row on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radioshow (Episodes 129 & 130).

‘Outlook - Countervail (DGM Remix)’

Very nice indeed!

Just the sort of track found on Group Therapy podcasts. Nice one. But 180 versions? You should get out more :slight_smile:
My sort of music.

Genre-specific very good … fits well in the radioshow

nice one :sunglasses:

Thanks guys! Haha yeah, was working on this one for a few months before I got the finished product (started in November, finished in April). Good news too, it got played for a second week in a row on Group Therapy #130 - good times, guess it was worth all those exports! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, congrats on the publicity :slight_smile:

Loved it! Do you use Cubase Pro 8 or what DAW did you use to produce this tune?

I use Cubase Pro 8, I believe the project started out on 7.5 though before I upgraded. Was a few months in the making before I got the final version :slight_smile:. Lots of external plugins too including LuSH-101, Z3TA+ 2, FabFilter bundle (highly recommend these).