New Tracks Creation


I’m not sure if I’ve missed this function, but it would be a great addition ;
Say I need to add multiple and different kind of new tracks. In Pro Tools this option has been around for a long time.

Is there a way to do it in Nuendo ?


If you want to install a particular track subset [ie combo of Audio, FX, Group, instrument, Midi and video],
then select and export them first [File/Export/Selected tracks].
[I always delete anything on these selected tracks, so that it’s just the tracks and not their contents that are exported.]
Name your export .xml file.
When needed go to “File/Import/Track Archive” and locate to the relevant xml file.

Naaah! Not intuitive.

That would be quite a workaround, when you need to build new sessions with completely different track layout requirements.
I left ProTools 5 years ago for Nuendo (still have PT10 on standby, just to share work ) but this one option would really simplify session creations.
PT can add any number of any kind of tracks, even name them in one shot.

What you guys think ?

Yep! Very smooth …