New tracks getting added to my Visibility Configurations

I’ve read some older threads on this topic, but was wondering if anything new in the last 3 years have been added to fix this problem.

I have a Large 1000 track Orchestral Template and I don’t want to see new SFX tracks when I click on my “Strings” Visibility Configuration for example.

I can disabled “empty” tracks of whichever VSTs I will be using the most, but was hoping there was a better solution.



This works as designed. I explained the background around a month ago in one of the thread.

Could someone post a custom Project Logical Editor preset that hides all new tracks from Visibility Configurations? Ill be able to get to the new tracks by selecting “Show All”, but I would like my visibility configurations to stay the same. This would save me from countless clicking and maintenance during the session.

Martin, could you post a link? Sorry, I can only find any thread relevant to this issue that are 3 years or older.


How would you define the “new tracks”, please? How can Cubase know, which tracks are new?

New tracks I add to the session. If I add a new instrument track, or if I render to audio. I will be printing to audio a lot and the sound design process will be a mess. I don’t want all those audio tracks constantly being added to every Visibility Configuration I have. I will be sweeping up the mess in all visibility configs constantly. I want my Strings Visibility Configuration for example to show only strings.


In afraid the Visibility configurations are not reachable via Project Logical Editor (PLE).

But you could make a Macro:

  • Show Configuration 1
  • PLE: Hide all tracks with (R) contained in the name (this will hide all rendered tracks) at the given configuration.
  • Show Configuration 2
  • PLE: Hide all tracks with (R) contained in the name (this will hide all rendered tracks) at the given configuration.

Would this help?

Of course it expects, you are using the very same configurations at all projects (in the best case, they come from a project template).

Yes, I think that will help! That will be a fast way to update each visibility config.

Could you show me the PLE for that? I really appreciate your help!


Filter Target
( Media Type is | Equal | Audio | And
Name | Contains | (R) )

Action Target
Track Operation | Hide Track | Enable


The 1st line prevents to hide MIDI, Instrument, Group and other channels. So this one tries to focus to the rendered tracks only.

The 2nd line, I entered " (R)" (space open-bracket R close-bracket). The space is there again to tune the preset to the rendered tracks as much as possible. So you are still allowed to name the tracks like “abc(R)”, for example. Btw, as far as I know, Project Logical Editor is not key sensitive, so it will hide event Audio Tracks containing " (r)" in the name.

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Works great! Thank you so much. With this and the regular “Hide Selected” key command this makes Visibility Configs possible for me.