New Trial - v6.0.10 initial findings

Hi - using SLP via ARA in Lower Zone in Cubase v10.0.30.

Only been diving in and out, but have noted the following:-

1. UI - Main Menu Headings selection
Could these be made to behave like they do in SLP standalone.? Seems that when working in the Lower Zone, you have to click to open/close each individual menu; a little annoying…

2. UI - Display area; a little funkiness
With the Time Selection tool chosen, simply pressing and releasing the CTRL key leaves the speaker (playback) icon visible - until you move the mouse, which returns the Time Selection tool

3. Online Help - Getting Started section
Point 7 states you can ‘…preview highlighted frequencies as you move the mouse in the spectral display by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.’

Upon trying this, it causes mayhem with a mad, flashing display.!! I’ve obviously misunderstood something here… :slight_smile: How does this preview mode work please.? Could the manual be made clearer.?

4. Online Help - Working with Projects section
Inserting Time and Deleting Time - these parts both have the same intro line - ‘…to insert a specified amount of blank space into your project.’

5. Online Help - Processing Spectral Data section; Reducing Noise
Point 5 - Choose Edit > Deselect to clear your selection.
Should read - Choose Select > Deselect to clear your selection

6. Standalone (or in Cubase projects via ARA)
Projects need to re-load with Tool settings and appearance, as I’d last saved them (zoom settings/layout, etc,). Doesn’t seem to be the case so far; projects come back fully zoomed out; changes to any value settings (e.g. Brightness Curve) are not recalled.

7. UI - Display area
Feature Request - would love to be able to scroll the display horizontally using SHIFT+mousewheel. Its just such an instinctive workflow for me in, for example, the Cubase Arrange Page/Editors, or in Melodyne etc… Could this be added…?

8. Online Help/Documentation; personal choice
I’d prefer to see the ‘Changelog’ page of info you added at the end, placed right at the start of the docs; as part of the ‘Whats New’ section for example…? To me, it would make a better sense of flow when reading.

Ok - so far, so good… Looking forward to some detailed instructional/tutorial videos, to properly understand this apps power.


Another small UI glitch.?

I have two Events in Cubase loaded into SLP for editing in the Lower Zone:-

  1. Notice that Layer name labels for each Event, display correctly.
  2. I have an Event chosen/selected in Cubase corresponding to the yellow Layer.
  3. In SLP’s Layer panel, I highlight (select) the blue Layer.

4. Now, move your mouse and click in the Timeline (to slightly move the playhead).
5. Notice the Layer selection in the Layer panel jumps to the yellow Layer (expected.? - maybe because of 2 above).
6. However, see that its name font turns white (unreadable) against the highlight; notice the blue Layer name below, its font turns black.

7. Clicking on the blue Layer corrects the Layer panel display.

(You can swap the chosen Event in Cubase and highlight the other Layer in SLP, you will see the same glitch, swapped).

Here’s a gif demo:-

Overall, (limited) use of the app has been successful; I’ve tried the very simple kick drum/bass gtr example from the Online Help and a couple of other blending/molding and restoration type tasks (removing noise etc…). All good, but not exactly stretching its legs…

At this point, can’t say whether I’ll get £171 worth of value out of it tbh… :wink:


Thanks for the feedback ! Most of theses points will likely make it in the next update.