New Up-stem Voice move rythmic position on triplet : why?

If you select the 2nd 8th of a triplet and apply: right click->Voices->Change Voices->New Up-stem Voice,
this note shifts as a binary eighth note.
Same result if you select the 3rd 8th of a triplet and apply the same:

triplet_3rd as Half_binary

For the 16th no problem:

Tuplets are containers that hold notes. You can take the note out of the container and move it to a different voice, but it will then no longer be held by a tuplet (unless there happens to be a tuplet in the destination voice too).

Unfortunately the function that you probably want involves doing two separate things: moving the note but copying the tuplet. Dorico can’t do these two different things with a single action.

Up to Dorico 3.5 this was true, but now in 4 we can do this operation with one command. Moving a note within a tuplet to another voice (or a new voice) now copies the tuplet and moves the note to the correct place in the tuplet.

@pianoleo : Thanks I finally found a solution, but as I want to do it for a lot of triplet (minimalist music with two hands on pian )operhaps there is a better than mine??
what I did:
right click->Voices->Change Voices->Change Voice To Next Voice Staff
but it creates a new bracket

  • then Bracket selection-> Custom scale :1
  • select all → remove rests
  • change stem direction force up

@Mark_Johnson : great to hear that in Dorico 4 it’s possible…I wait for the offline activation to activate mine
best regards

You can just hide the bracket and the tuplet number using the settings in control panel. No need to “hide” at 1%.

Personally, I’d create one pair of tuplets, then C&P it a bajillion times, and then use “lock to duration” and re-pitch the up stem, and down stem voices respectively.

There’s a bracket property that will hide the bracket and a number property that will hide the number. No need to scale anything.

Setting the scaling to 1% is not the best way to hide a tuplet bracket. You can simply hide it, and its associated number, in the properties panel.
(Ha, I’m not the only one…)


(Great minds think alike?) :grinning:

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Thanks to Great minds