New Update 1.1.10 Release ~ Congratulations To The Team


The new update released today has added even more to the chords feature introduced in the previous major 1.1 update. Added to this is the impressive list of over 70 bugs fixed.

Some of these fixes impact directly on my latest score and it is wonderful to have them on board.

The team continue to work hard and remain focused and dedicated and they are to be congratulated.

A huge well done to the whole Dorico team, give yourselves a pat on the shoulder and take a well earned break with your favourite brew.

Best wishes,


This is really great work! I am sure Dorico will be the star in notation software’s heaven!

And a question:
In the Download Assistant I see “HALion Sonic SE for Dorico 1.1.10”. Are there any differences in the sound libraries in comparison to the versions I already downloaded for 1.1.0?


Firstly - many thanks for this update - as far as I’m concerned the chord symbol stuff is less significant than the fact that final tempo % for Gradual Tempo Change items (rits, ralls, etc) is now enabled! This is excellent & makes a huge difference to me.

I do however have the same question as derhannes - the file for “HALion Sonic SE for Dorico 1.1.10” as showing in Download Assistant is quite massive - is it recommended to download install it? I haven’t updated any of the sound libraries since 1.0.

Thanks for all the good work!

Thanks for your words of appreciation. It is always very gratifying for us in the team to hear from happy users.

You don’t need to download and install anything but the Dorico 1.1.10 updater via SDA: none of the sound content has been updated with this release.

Thanks, Daniel! We all know you’re onto a winner with Dorico :wink:.

I am very happy too, to see what has been achieved in such short time. And it made me dream of such an editor for, say, the instrument names (localization in French is still… uncomplete !) or playing techniques :wink:
Keep up the good work, I have been talking to many musicians this summer about Dorico, and I know that with cues and percussions, this will be amazing :slight_smile:

Great job team!