New Update 9.0.10 shutdown takes forever and other issues

So the new update has some problems.

First of which I posted in an earlier thread.(my personal settings and key commands were deleted)

Next issue is on Shutdown, it takes so long and sometimes crashes. (others have also reported crashing on shutdown too although mine doesn’t happen every time-thank goodness)

Next, I have just mixed down a track and it has taken twice as long as before. It is not set ‘Real Time’ mixdown but sure feels like it…very strange.

Not sure but I think something has gone really astray with this new update, I do hope it is sorted quickly.

Same here.
After installation of update 9.0.10, Cubase is frozen for two minutes when closing it. Is it possible to uninstall update 9.0.10 or somehow downgrade?

I solved that problem by disabling
Preferences/General, un-tick “Use Steinberg Hub”

After this change, Cubase quits in few seconds without any problem.