new update and cristmas

well, I patiently waited for the first release (I guess most of us using it would say under our breath “beta release”)
and now find myself using it to compose piano music pieces, even though I still have to use text to mark pedal change points
rather than something as available in sibelius. Waiting for new dorico updates as like waiting for presents every few weeks or months (although the wait has really just started) and the excitement and, yes, disappointment that that brings (the gifting of the arp symbol instead of above-mentioned pedaling was disappointing for me). Oh, well, I am all in. With a MIDI controller to help with note entry, the write interface makes composing without being a slave to the measure, intoxicating. I guess I am less interested in dorico as an engraving tool (and there is that, also) as a digital interface for composing music for instruments (eventually for both solo, small and large ensemble). looking forward to much more flexibility (cut-out staves, symbols (long arrows, wavy lines, boxes for contemporary scores)) just hope that the presents I want are not put off until next christmas, or, the christmas after next. I guess we all are lobbying for our favorite toys (to continue the christmas analog too far).

the addition of the availability of more possible assignments for key commands is welcomed, especially now, stems up and down with a simple key command (no mouse). I am, for some reason, not able to assign a key command fr “go to” or “find”.
not sure if I am doing something wrong it is a bug.

In any case, looking forward to the adventure ahead and to all a merry christmas and happy holidays and to all good-night (at least somewhere in the world).