New/Update plugins

So, I want to thank Steinberg for taking on VocALign and making that type of very useful tool available to us without paying such a high price for such a tool.
I find HUGE value when I do not have to go buy the latest plugin out there. I prefer to use what tools Cubase Pro gives me.
Her are a few tools that I would love to see in Cubase.
A dynamic EQ, Pro Q3 style.
Intelligent Compressor.
Clear emulations of LA-2A, Neve 1073, Other well known bus compressors with more character.
Unmasking filter capabilities.
More creative plugins like other great plugin companies have.
These are of huge value to me.
Thank you.
Anyone else? :smiley:

Please Refresh all plug-in & add something new with next cubase 10.5

my wishlist:

new limiter/maximizer like Sonnox Oxford
new dyn equalizer like FabFilter Q3
new pre emulation 1073 neve

ARA2 & the Ambisonic features

thanx d :smiley:

I think they should focus on things that others can not do. FF Q3 and the others already exist, it is totally useless to reinvent it.

I have to agree with cubace - I for one would happily trade all of Cubase’s stock plugins for a gapless audio engine…

or proper 4k support in W10…

or plugin renaming…

or a proper dual buffer system so you can run the project at a high buffer size and still plays VSTi’s at low latency…

These are the places where time should be spent imo.

Also, for those of you wanting a dynamic EQ/compressor - TDR’s ‘Nova’ is free, and absolutely excellent. Their compressor ‘Kotelnikov’ is also both excellent and free.

I usually don’t stomp on anyone’s parade for feature requests, but feel the need to do so here. There are so many companies that offer amazing plugins, quite a few for free or for very little money, and these are things things that Cubase simple doesn’t need to be able to do in my opinion. Cubase needs to focus on many other areas of much bigger importance for improvement. I strongly urge Steinberg to not focus on new plugins and let other companies do what they do best. The aligning function in Cubase is quite poor compared to what Vocalign can do far better, as an example of why.

i agree with Cubace. They should focus on the DAW. Of course, I think they should keep improving/updating Groove Agent. But other than that, they shouldn’t focus too much on the plugins. There’s a lot of features for the actual DAW side of things that still need to be implemented and bugs to fix… there’s only so much time and money that can be put into all of this so I think most of it should be on the DAW.

that being said, features they’ve added like the Track Align feature you can already do in Revoice, BUT it’s sooooo much easier, faster/more convenient with this new feature. Also, it works a better in situations with audio that isn’t 100% the same. If they could also add a pitch and volume align, it would be awesome.