New update

I have tried to install the new 242 tools update several times, but it doesn’t seem to change anything?
The Yamaha audio 1.9.9 doesn’t work either as the version I have after “updating” is still 1.9.8.

Anybody got any ideas?


Jim B

I ran the update for my UR44 last night, but I did not check the version numbers after installing. However, there were no errors in the process, and I knocked out a little tune as a test… all seemed well. I can take a look at the numbers tonight when I get back to the studio. You could try uninstalling then reboot/reinstall.


Thanks for your reply Robin,

I did remove the UR242 software and re-installed it and that did seem to work, although I still have the 1.9.8 Yamaha driver and not the 1.9.9 that I should have??

I’ll wait to hear from you.

Many thanks,

Jim B

Sorry, I did not get back there today, and wont be until Monday or so… Perhaps someone else can confirm in the interim.

Hi Robin,

I am happy to say that I now have the 1.9.9 version :smiley:

I re-tried the update from the Steinberg web site and, for some reason, it seemed to work!

Thanks for your efforts though, much appreciated!!

All the best,

Jim B

Thats great news… cheers.