New UR12 and Cubase AI not working on Windows

Usually I use Linux but the guy at the shop promised that if I wanted a plug and play audio interface I should buy Steinberg which will come with its own software and be ready to go.

So I forked out the money, booted up Windows, installed Cubase, and of course, Cubase can’t even find the usb interface and, for goodness sake, it can’t even set up the audio input/ output interfaces itself. There is 0 benefit for having spent all that money.

Why aren’t I just on a forum learning ‘Jack’ and Adour. But just play a little guitar through an input device and some effects I end up back at the start of the road, with a useless dongle of a UR12 hanging off the laptop and at some new forum not even knowing where to start.

Just so disappointed. I would have expected a paid bit of software, packaged with it’s own usb device to know how to find its own device and open up ready to play some tunes. nope. absolutely pointless machine. If I wanted to mess around with inputs and ridiculous set up procedures I could have done the same shit with guitarix and jack.