New UR22 and Reaper DAW Error Initializing ASIO Driver

I have been using a Line 6 UX2 for my interface but I recently upgraded to a Steinberg UR22. Setup was a breeze with the UR22. I installed the drivers and then plugged in the device to USB 2 port on my Win 7 box and presto it works. I can go to Reaper and under Pref > Devices I was able to select the UR22 and everything works great. That is not my issue. I uninstalled the Line 6 Monkey app and removed the Line 6 POD Studio UX2 from my desktop.

My issue is trying to open a guitar app that provides tones while I record. Launching S-Gear or Pod Farm either before or after opening Reaper always results in the error initializing ASIO driver. As a result, I can only use S-Gear and Pod Farm AFTER I record. That is the limitation until I can resolve why Reaper always throws the error initializing ASIO driver.

I did not have this issue when I was using the Line 6 UX2 hardware so I am hoping someone can make a recommendation on how to resolve this issue. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

I figured it out. I was so used to recording by launching the S-Gear or POD Farm prior to Reaper when I was using the Line 6 UX2 hw. It didn’t know I could simply launch Reaper and then add in S-Gear or POD Farm on the track and then record while monitoring the tone without committing that tone to “tape”. Operator error.