New UR28M and now MIDI timing problems.

Hello All,

I have purchased and installed a UR28M and am pleased with it generally.

I am now having problems with MIDI timing however.

Timing is tight with VST instruments but not so with external MIDI devices (keyboards).

I am using a Steinberg MIDEX-8 (this has not changed and was tight up until the installation of the UR28M).

Example: with a click and notes drawn in precisely on the grid, the notes play back late. I need to move the notes forward in time for them to be in sync with the click.

If I put a delay of -40ms on the MIDI tracks, things tighten up well.

I have tried all variations of the checkboxes in the MIDI Studio Setup but have not had success in nailing down the timing.

Presently selecting only “Use System Timestamp for Windows MIDI inputs”.

Is there a procedure or settings that I need to dig into and adjust to get my timing back?

Thanks for any replies and help.