New UR44, hardware issues?

So, bought yesterday, installation was easy, in the main seems to work. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve sometimes lost the connection with prompts in both Cubase AI 7 and Ableton Live that the driver cannot be found, or something similar. Now, I’ve read a couple of things about loose USB cables but wondering, my laptop ONLY has USB 3 inputs, could this have something to do with it?

Also, it really doesn’t seem to like Arturia’s Analog Laboratory in Ableton - changing patches sometimes has a 100% processor jump for a millisecond, whereas this doesn’t happen in Cubase; this may be because the version in Live is VST2 while that in Cubase is VST 3, but any thoughts? It has crashed live a few times now and I had to hard reset the machine once, so not the best experience, and doesn’t happen with the internal soundcard (which has it’s own problems though, like simply not playing any sound at all after a few patch changes)

Finally, unrelated, I was mildly surprised to see that Live still doesn’t support VST3, so using the plugins is out of the window there! Thank god Cubase seems to actually be quite good since I tried it last (which was admittedly about 10 years ago!)


My UR44 works fine on a USB3 port so your laptop should be okay in that sense.

Can’t help with your other queries though.

My UR44 has an audio clitch/pop on input 1 when connected to USB3, its fine on USB2 though.