New UR44C, get Gain without any Gain… How?

I just bought a UR44C to get the DSP-features.
However I’m starting to think that there is something wrong with it.

Ex 1:
I put the guitar into input 1 or 2 (they are Hi-z according to the manual). BUT, even with the channels (all channels) gain at zero there is plenty of gain. If I use just a tad of Gain the peak indicator will flash. If I put the gain knob slightly higher it will stay red.
Also, in Cubase, I can record sound even when the gain knob is at zero. I get sound (lower, but still sound) also when recording with zero gain on input 3 and 4.
I guess this is not correct?

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Please help!

FYI, I use:
Windows 10, latest updates.
Cubase 10.5.12 build 123
UR44C, latest drivers

It´s a gain knob, not a volume knob so yes, it is correct.

But should I get clipping as soon as I touch the gain knob? (tested with a couple of passive guitars)?

No, you should not. Have you inserted a mono jack-guitarcable with a monojack connector?
Even without a guitar connected, just the cable, you should get any/or very little signal with the gain down to zero without touching the tip of the jack. And still only a small signal when touching the tip.

Depends on the guitar´s output signal / level, and how hard / soft it is played. Usually an electric guitar has a volume pot, that can also be turned down. if the level is too hot.

I did a quick test in my UR816C with a LesPaul with PAF57 pickups, played on the bridge one and made very hard attacks on the strings.
I could raise the input 1 Gainknob to about 10 oclock before clipping. That should work for recordings.
Otherwise you can always use the PAD on input 1.
Remember what was said already, it’s gain not a volume.
When your signal on the inputmeter is below 0 with that knob down, it works just fine for you.