New UR44C issues

Hi Bison204!
Thank you for your response!
Ok, now i understand the difference!
Isn’t that very confusing?
Why are there so many different USB plugs with the same format?
I actually thought blue alone would tell me whether I have the right USB 3.0 or not!
Very bad!
The driver tells me that I am now operating the UR44C with high-speed USB 3.0.
Is that not so?
USB 3.0 cable but the PC doesn’t even give it, even though it’s listed as USB 3.0?

Yes, you are correct. You are operating at USB 3 speeds, as indicated by your driver.
If your computer has USB-C (or thunderbolt) ports, you could run a USB-c cable (same small rounded plug on both ends) and you could power the UR44C from your computer.

Super confusing, I know. I had to look it up also. I believe USB-c is relatively new so unless your computer is equally new, you likely don’t have them.

Now i understand, why @marlizm wrote “this cable wasn’t included in the package though…”
OK, my PC is about 6 jears old, so i don’t have USB 3.0c :frowning:

How did you route the extra ADAT outputs? Direct 9-16 does not exist.
I have routed those to mix 2.3 and 4 ( 1 is occupied by the mains), so you only have 6 extra outputs not 8. Am I correct?

That’s the impression I also got from the manual.
Yet, I tested using DAW direct 1 - 8 on my ADAT-connected unit.
It seems that outputs “TO DAW” 9 - 16 are used. (refer to block diagram.)
It works anyway. The signals are definitely routed directly to the DAW.
We seem to need a manual update here from Steinberg.
I have muted all input channels in dspMIXfx.
Muting and monitoring can be controlled from my Cubase Pro 11.

There is no Daw direct out 9-16 present as an option, I can’t see those on the Blockdiagram.
I have the UR816C for over a year now and I am using all 16 ins and outs for external hardware. It works for me like this:
the 8 line outs in the UR816C are fed from within Cubase with the Daw direct outs 1-8, that’s easy.
Then comes the hard part: The 8 outputs on the ADAT unit are fed from mixes 2, 3 and 4 on the UR816C. Mix 1 you cannot use, those are the mains and are reserved for the DAW stereo output. But I use mix 4 for 4 units which I never use at the same time, so I can swop those.
I really cannot see any other way of giving signals to the extra Adat outputs.
For all 16 inputs there isn’t any problem.
It’s a shame that there not seperate DAW direct outs 9-16, I agree, but give up your hope because Steinberg does not care about any service or fixes on the URC series.

Actually, block diagram shows:
“Direct out 1”, routed to “Input 1”
“Direct out 2”, routed to “Input 2”
“Direct out 3/4”, routed to “Input 3/4”
“Direct out 5/6”, routed to “Input 5/6”
“Direct out 7/8”, routed to “Input 7/8”
“Direct out 9/10”, routed to “ADAT 1/2”
“Direct out 11/12”, routed to “ADAT 3/4”
“Direct out 13/14”, routed to “ADAT 5/6”
“Direct out 15/16”, routed to “ADAT 7/8”

My dspMIXfx settings:
Line output 1 L/R: DAW Direct 1/2
Line output 2 L/R: DAW Direct 3/4
Line output 3 L/R DAW Direct 5/6
Line output 4 L/R DAW Direct 7/8
ADAT output 1/2: DAW Direct 1/2
ADAT output 3/4: DAW Direct 3/4
ADAT output 5/6: DAW Direct 5/6
ADAT output 7/8: DAW Direct 7/8
I only use Mix1 for monitoring.

I PMed you, that might be easier…