New USB driver, supercharged UR824 performance

I’m trying to be calm and objective here and not get overexcited.

I downloaded Win 10 onto my desktop machine recently. I’ve been trying to optimise it for virtual instruments. I have an empty project with one instance of BFD3, and one stereo audio track, which is the rendered version of the same BFD3 vst track.

Settings: 64 sample buffer size; ASIO Guard off, 24 bit 44.1Khz.

Previous USB driver (1.92)

Playing just the audio track: average load showing as 4-5%, real time peak about the same, flickering a little higher.
When I switch on the BFD3 vst as well, average load would rise to about 40%, real time peak would flicker to just under 50%.

New USB driver:

Just the audio track: nothing visible on average load. Real time peak shows a very small line. No difference registered between playing the project or the project stopped.
When I switch on the BFD3 vst as well, average load moves between 10-13%, and real time peak moves between about 12-20%.

I’ve only just downloaded the new driver so will be playing about with it more. I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed anything else (I was trying this with the old driver only yesterday).

Fingers crossed, this is very exciting. Great stuff Steinberg!