new usb e-licenser - how do i register it?

I finally have a new usb e-licenser and cannot get it registered and working. Somebody PLEASE tell me how to get the code to register it, i have tried the code that came with Cubase 6 but it says that code has already been used and i am cracking up here


You go to your mySteinberg account and follow the product registration.

i do not understand. My Cubase is already registered and i cannot find the link on this website. I just want an activation code so that the bloody thing works

are you trying to transfer an existing license from one eLicenser to another? I’m sure I have seen a technote on this. You’ll have to search the Steinberg support pages for transfering a license

You asked about how to register your e-Licenser… :question:
If you want an activation code, you need to buy the software - One software one activation code.
To transfer an existing license, simply drag & drop in the eLCC software.
And if your existing dongle is broken, you´ll need to contact Steinberg support an send it there…

yes my words get muddled. So i need to contact steinberg for a new activation code do i?

I still don´t know, what exactly the problem is…?