New USB ELicenser not working on new computer (Cubase 10 Elements)

Afew years ago, I purchased Cubase 10 elements but than recently upgraded to a new computer. I did not have the USB ELicenser so I purchased it and transferred the license to the USB. Unfortunately, when trying to reactivate it on the new computer, I am receiving error message that it has been already activated. I tried to reactivate it using the recommended youtube video but having no luck. I also tried to reload the software, reload the elicense software. I get a error saying it is already in use and can only be downloaded once. If I enter the activation code, the cubase software that was reloaded on the new computer never becomes functional.

Once the USB eLicenser has the license, you should not have to enter an activation code in the Steinberg Download Assistant. (Having that field there seems to be quite a regular source of confusion).

So just leave that field blank, and log into your Steinberg Account in the Download Assistant - and then download and install (2 step process) the version of Cubase that’s licensed on your USB eLicenser on the new computer.

Cubase should run just fine, if the license on the USB matches what you’ve installed.

p.s. if the Download Assistant prompts you to allow it to upgrade your eLicenser Control Center, let it go ahead and do that.

I think I might have this resolved now. It appears I was loading the wrong version of Cubase Elements.

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