New USB key. Transferring USB elicense

Im currently visiting a foreign country with my laptop for 2 months.

My existing USB dongle and software (Cubase 7.5) is on my desktop back home.

So i bought a USB eLicenser on Amazon. And downloaded Cubase 7.5 from Steinberg.

Ive logged in and tried to get it going again using the activation code from MySteinberg. But no joy.

I intially bought Cubase 7, then upgraded to 7.5.
The activation code in MySteinberg is an update activation code to upgrade from 7 to 7.5.

So when i enter that code it brings me to
“No License to upgrade”

Any ideas?

Ok, so i have been misled.

It is not possible to “copy” the license. Only to transfer it.
And to do so, requires both USB dongles to be connected at the same time.

Or so i believe.

Both is correct

If you are okay with disabling the old USB key you might be able to use Steinberg Zero Downtime

Its alright. Ive got a full-working demo of Cubase 10 with this new dongle for a month. It is pretty good. Possibly worth the upgrade too.