New user, advanced questions ?

Hi Guyz , i take this occasion to say Hello to everybody …

Long time Sonar vet , recently S1 user , started on pro 24 back then :wink: , i have to master all daws for Students , cours, beta testing and consulting …

I got Cubase Pro 10 recently and faced several challenges :

  1. After a whole week fighting latency and weird midi sync issues , i’ve finally suceed to have some serious reliability on the midi area … but the great thing is that it forced me to go deep in this bad boy : question : is there aw ay to deactivate PDC (plugin delay compensation) but without de activating FX ? (doing so here de activate my fx

  2. is there a way to know control room fx bins latency ? (is Hedphone /monitors ect latency cumultaive or parrallel ?)

  3. i made a custom pref setting that gets lost (fader colors , ect) systematuicaly , i have to recall it or refresh by going defualt then switch back to scheme …(any workaorund ? REALLY hard to know what’ s the structure of the saving option (whole menu , pages based /feautures based …ect )

  4. Chords : no way to extract chords on a chords tracks from audio like in S1 ?

  5. Track icons : no way to have folders ? having plentyu of icons uncategorized is a pain ( i have like 200 icons mainly to know witch sound comes from witch synth even on post prod …great info)

  6. in main track view , if i open the low panel console , no way to have a dedicated visibilité , independant from the track view (like in full console view ?)

  7. small console view (still) no way to see faders AND Fx bin ?

If Any sonar or S1 users think of something i should tweak , know ect …feel free to point it out …i’m doing my template and kinda struggling in simple areas because hard to find options easily …

Another thing , first time i tried cuabse element (no key yet) , i then bought a key to try Pro , witch i did , i unsintalled elements frist , yesturday i had a crash and it said cubase elements moduls blla bla ect …is there some cuabse lements modules still present that might cause trouble ? or is it just a registry llabel thingy ?

thks guyz